Frequently Asked Questions

What sets ImmiSys apart from other software on the market?
  • ImmiSys is the only system on the market that seamlessly integrates migration and education business on a single platform;
  • Immisys has no lock-in contract. You pay monthly and stop anytime.
  • ImmiSys is 100% cloud based, not a hybrid system.
  • ImmiSys is purposely designed for the Australian immigration and education industry, not modified from a generic CRM or a foreign system.
  • ImmiSys is not just a CRM system, it is an enterprise Knowledge Based System (KBS), which taps into the brains of some of the elite migration and education agents in the country;
  • ImmiSys is built on ImmiSys team's  wide range of expertise across senior management, accounting, legal, corporate governance, migration, education and project management; So you can be sure it will add value to your business from day one.


What are the benefits of using a cloud based system?
Is my data secure?
When I sign up with ImmiSys, am I entering a fixed term contract?
Do you charge initial setup fee?
Can I import my data into ImmiSys from another system?
Can we have ImmiSys installed in our own server internally?